Need Support to Select best devices

Which device i can used to make network as in photo “New setup”
We have 21 sites and 2 main towers and 1 HQ
All sites have LOS with both towers and Both towers have LOS with HQ
Distance between Sites and Towers start from 1 Km up to 100 Km
and we need speed of link between each site and towers at least 150 Mpbs
Distance between Towers and HQ start from 5 Km up to 13 Km
and we need speed of link between Towers and HQ at least 2 Gpbs
which device you recommend to use at Site and tower and HQ?


That’s a lot of requirements. You might want a consultant to look at everything and make a professional recommendation… But I will give it the ol’ rundown from what my experience has been.

Some of my stuff will be qualified, a couple questions will help to solidify my uncertainty.
Where is this located? Depending on the country and it’s power regulations some of my recommendations may be better then others.

What are you looking at as far as noise in the are goes? More noise means you will have to use higher cost antennas and spend more time on alignment.

For the links from your HQ to Towers, does that need to be a single radio or can you bond a couple different radios together to get to your 2 Gbps requirement? (Mimosa does not currently have a single radio that will do 2 Gbps symmetrical.)

For the links from the Towers to your Sites. You can run an A5c on 40 MHz of spectrum and get 200 Mbps pretty easily for customers under 4 Km. If you are in a low noise area you could probably push that out with good antennas and good alignment to 10 Km. (But if you don’t have a lot of wireless experience I would recommend doing a lot of reading on antennas, how they work and proper alignment) You should be fine with C5x radios and the range of dishes available for them.

If you can, I would use as many A5c with high gain antennas to do your coverage as you can afford. That will extend your reach out and lower your CPE cost and your overall issues with noise. Antennas like the N5-45x2 and N5-45x4 will give you a lot of distance and help with coverage. But without knowing the layout of your customers I can’t make great recommendations.

Further then 10 Km and you are going to need to use pretty high dB dishes on your CPE and you are going to have to spend a lot of time making sure the connections are spotless. I have not gone further then 15 Km and that was only on 20 MHz wide channels and only doing 15 Mbps to the customer. (You can probably do better but that customer had lots of noise issues, mostly self inflicted) You will want to look at the C5c for the higher gain dishes (KP Performance actually has a pretty sweet ~27 dB dish made for the C5c that would be pretty excellent for some of those links)

To reach your furthest customers, you may want to look at the B5 and B5c lines. If you are in a really high noise environment, licensed links like the B11 may be your only choice. I have some customers who we saved ourselves a lot of heartache by doing licensed links for them.

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Dear William,
thanks for your support

1- Location in Saudi Arabia
2- sites in city not have noise and towers will be on higher mountains around city and there clear LOS for all sites
3- we can use couple different radio for HQ also we can use PTMP or PTP between sites and towers depend on your recommendation
4- we need to use unlicensed device
5- Depend on our survey for all sites last two days, we need to confirm you these point :
- there is clear LOS between all sites and Towers , and between Towers and HQ
- distance between sites and Towers 1- 15 Km , and between HQ and Tower 1 is 9 Km and between HQ and Tower 2 is 5 KM
6- we not have good experience so please try to give us complete solution - we will need model numbers of device and antenna will we will install in sites and tower and HQ and quantities


I recommend you to use Design tool in Mimosa Cloud: You can design your network there by placing towers and radios to exact locations, try out different Mimosa radios, create Installation Report for each link and generate report for Bill of Materials for the list of equipments you need.


1- cool, so you are limited on channel space and if you will be using DFS on everything.
2- I have seen other people in Saudi Arabia with similar circumstances. Sounds like they keep the 5 GHz noise down there pretty well.
3- In that case, I don’t know the regulations for Saudi Arabia, but you may look at 24 GHz for backhauling to Tower 2, you will get a lot more bandwidth more simply. The B24 is a bit on the small side, so you may need to look at other companies for going 5 Km, Ubiquiti makes the AF-24 and AF-24HD. That could work pretty well for you. Otherwise you will have to have multiple B5s running to each tower and you will have to use a router that can bond the connections together.
4- that is going to make it really hard for your backhauls to carry enough bandwidth. But not impossible. As I said before, you will need to be able to bond the links together, there are plenty of routers/switches that can do this for you. I have the most experience with Mikrotik, but there are others.
5- That will make it much more doable for your links. PTMP should be doable if you have high enough gain on all of your APs and you use high gain antennas for your CPE as you get further out.
6- As far as models and antennas, I can only give you suggestions. What I listed previously is about the extent of what I know. I think you can do up to 8 Km with the C5x and it’s various antennas pretty easilly. Above that you will want to look at higher gain antennas paired with the C5c. But as I said previously, you will need to make sure your connections are spotless to be able to push as much bandwidth as you want.

I would echo @Matt11’s recommendation. Check out the Design Tool you can lay everything out and get a pretty decent idea of what you are doing there.

If you really want the best recommendations, you will probably want to hire a consultant who will be able to actually spend time with you to know each and every part of the system you are building and what will work best.

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