Netonix Optimum Flow Control and Speed Settings?

What Flow Control settings are most people using? Also, do you allow autonegotiation or lock the speed?

I have installed a B5c test link at 5 miles between two skyscraper rooftops. One side has no Ethernet flapping at all, the other side flaps repeatedly despite doing all of the things people and Mimosa in the forum have discussed, except for trying a Netonix. So I bought a Netonix WS-12-250-AC to give it a try. The flapping dropped to about once every few hours from every few minutes.

We keep everything auto, we’ve got a dozen or so mimosa radios on different models of Netonix. Flow control both and auto-neg. Only time I’ve seen the issues you are describing is from a bad connector/cable. You might try to run the built in cable test on the netonix, if the pairs are way off it’s a good indicator of bad cable.

Thanks Jim, I did that, it was fine, ran a new cable, it’s fine too. 130’ of Cat6 cable with EZ Rj45 connectors. The cables work fine with AF24 and AF5. Tried different settings on the Netonix and the Mimosa. Before putting in the Netonix the Mimosa was flapping constantly whether using a Mimosa POE or Ubiquity POE. After putting in the Netonix and playing with settings I have gotten it down to flapping for ten minutes every 12 to 15 hours. Done all of the things people have recommended doing except for eliminating the Ethernet jumper inside the radio itself, thinking of trying that out of shear curiosity when the rain stops.

Two ways, run a 12 count fiber and use the cat6 copper for power only, or run hybrid fiber and use a ws-8-150 DC netonix, or ubnt edgepoint up near the radios.
Also I’ve heard shielding the radios with something like RF armor helps on FM towers.


At LiveWire we disable flow control as it seems that different vendors apply/use it differently. Causes too many problems.


How are you getting flow control to work at all on the Mimosa gear and Netonix I have another post going with NO answers from Mimosa on this issue. All our mimosa links hooked up to Netonix switches show NO flow control active no matter what we have tried.

The UBNT radios we had all hooked to the same Netonix showed or shows flow control active? Same with our Cambium gear all show flow control active and working whereas the Mimosa gear nothing. This is on every Mimosa B5C or B11 with any of our Netonix switches.

See attached picture.

We are new to mimosa gear. Just purchased and installed 4 B24s and notice the same thing. Do the B24s not support flow control?

This is an old post,

You can find Flow Control settings for the B24 under Management >> Miscellaneous >> Flow Control.

I don’t use it, everything seems to work fine enough for my network, but I have heard lots of people talk about how beneficial it is. As far as getting Netonix and Mimosa Gear to play nice together, I have several Netonix switches in my network and it seems you would want to set them to either “Obey” or “Both” (Under Ports >> Flow Control for each port you have your Mimosa Equipment connected to.)

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