Network Design Tool 2.4.2 Update

Network Design Tool (NDT) Release Notes:

As I do with the physical products, I will give my summary of what I think is important.

  • Added RF Elements Horn Options for A5c Radios. (30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90. The horns patterns seem pretty similar to other design tools I have used to predict coverage. If anyone can comment about their physical install VS predicted I would love to hear. Though so far Mimosa has been the closest to realistic I have found)

  • Added Antenna tilt to A5c Radios w/ tilt-able antennas 10 degrees up through 45 degrees down. (Because there wasn’t enough to play with in NDT already…)

  • Added “Bill of Materials” as a button next to the “Done” button when you are editing a PTP Link. Can produce CSV or PDF files. (Useful when you are running up a quote for a customer, then you can say “the surge protector is explicitly recommended by the manufacturer you don’t want to leave it out.” They probably will still ignore you, at least mine do. :roll_eyes:)

  • Several UI bugs that have been reported here in the forums. (Special thanks to @Tommy & @Mike_Eber. I have been playing with NDT today and I would say it runs better)

  • Some FCC 477 updates and bug fixes. (Because Government paperwork is so much fun! :grinning:)

Seems to be getting a lot better. Maybe I am missing something, but is there a way that you can select multiple APs and have it show the coverage for all of them? I know you can do that with an A5 or an A5C with an N360. Would be cool if it would have the ability to do the same for the RF Elements and KPPA antennas as well.

Hi @Jeff12

Not yet but that’s something we’re actively working on right now. Hopefully you’ll see it pretty soon.

Thanks Dustin!

BTW good job on the podcast, watch them all the time!

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