Network Design Tool 2.4.3 Update And More!

Network Design Tool (NDT) Release Notes:

Didn’t realize there was an update, nobody tells me anything… :sob:

It looks like there is more then just 2.4.3, because they have added in the C5x for PTP and PTMP links as well.

As I do with the physical products, I will give my summary of what I think is important.

  • “Mimosa’s N5-45x2 and N5-45x4 antennas are now supported in NDT with 3-D… blah blah blah” (although I must admit, they are pretty cool…)

  • Rural setting in a PTMP design, Deployment Details and Environment will now show Rural… instead of Suburban… as the default setting. (Not terribly certain this is a hot idea, going to give some people a very optimistic view, though for experienced NDT users this shouldn’t be a problem.)

  • C5x and it’s various horn antennas have been added in for PTP and PTMP Clients. (Have not played with them yet, but overall I am pretty excited for these to hit the store. Very low cost CPE especially because the vast majority of my customers are on sub 100 Mbps plans. Also a very cost effective 25 dB antenna…)