New A5c + KP Performance Antenna / 100% DL Error?


Working on a new A5c, (Transitioning from a Rocket M5 sector)… when testing with migrating clients (Interop mode) seeing 100% DL error… regardless of what channel or any other changes we make… Any thoughts ? suggestions ?

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For those who may have this issue…
I spoke to Tech Support, and they were kind enough to point to me that.

  1. RTS/CTS needs to be ON (by default it is OFF) on the 3rd party clients (UBNT in our case).
  2. Have to set distance manually…

(I was not aware of that, since our last conversion was a micro-pop where this was not an issue…)

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Faisal, it was nice chatting with you the other day and it is good to hear that your A5c is now working well.

Thanks David !.. Yes… Me Too… hope to have the clients replaced with C5’s soon.

Any update on performance ? Can you share average CPE’s distance? Can you share performance with SRS?


This topic is kinda dead, and your question is kinda off topic. But here are some other conversations the people have had about distance and performance
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Product Recommendations, questions (C5c, B5c)
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This Article series is more focused on the philosophy of running a WISP and technical radio stuff. But Rory is the reason many of us are using Mimosa and he talks about some of the issues running Interop with Ubiquiti equipment.

If you are wanting to know more specific information please feel free to message me or create a new topic. There are a ton of guys here who have experience with running A5s in Interop mode as well as SRS

Thank you @William5 for your response. William has covered everything here, so I’m going to go ahead and close this topic.

If you are looking for CPE data, feel free to view those topics or create a new one.