New B5-Lite Compact Mount Design

Mimosa will be introducing a new B5-Lite compact mount design in the near future, so we are looking for your feedback. Please tell us what you think.


  • Pole mountable with hose clamps; pole diameters 65mm (2-1/2 inch) and above

  • Flat surface mount with lag screws or other fasteners

  • Multi-axis articulation (horizontal or vertical orientations)

  • Hot-dipped galvanized steel construction

Horizontal Pole Mount Application Example

Vertical Pole Mount Application Example

Flat Surface Mount Application Example

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Looks good to me. Will be a lot easier than trying to mount a j pipe mount to a tower. They work great on roofs but not so much on a tower or pipe.

Looks good, when could we expect availability?

The first (limited) production batch is due in today or tomorrow. We have a number of them allocated for “beta” and will provide a set to several folks that have already asked for them. There may be a few extra in case anyone else is interested.

Hi Chris, we’d definitely like a set or two.

OK, we’ll save you a set. I’ll contact you privately once they arrive.

Can I get one set too please :slight_smile:

@Chris can I get a set as well please ? Thanks!

Dan, Faisal, Kent…check.

Nothing that provides for elevation adjustment? That’s a big deal both in the urban environment (tall buildings) and mountains.

Is this out there?

We need 8 sets ASAP

Where can we buy this mount?

Thank you

@Leisser They can be found. I know currently has them on hand.