New Backhaul version 1.4.1 now released!

Yet again, we’ve made the industry’s best backhaul​ even better!

Mimosa’s newly released 1.4.1 backhaul firmware includes numerous performance enhancements resulting in improved capacity, smoother links under impairment, and ongoing optimization delivering increased signal levels.

We’ve included hundreds of stability and customer-identified improvements and tested it widely in the hands of our users, with well over 100,000 hours of testing.

Key benefits include:

  • Impactful speed improvements and smoother traffic flow with new rate adaptation controls and new EVM-based rate adaption technique
  • Improved signal strength from long-term link analysis and dynamic link calibration
  • New Transmit Power Control enhancements facilitating more effective rate adaptation and improved dual-channel behavior

We look forward to hearing how you enjoy these big improvements to our backhaul products. Please check out all the features and fixes in the release notes on our help site. Happy Backhauling!


There is a bug with ATPC on H-pol on 1.4.1 - b5-lite. Tx power slowly decreasing from -57 on receive side to -65 and even more. After downgrade - everything back to normal. Rates were dropping too. On V-pol no such problem observerd.

Hi Nikolay,

We have not seen this problem elsewhere with 1.4.1 on B5-Lite (I just checked ~20 B5-Lite links), so it is possible that there is another issue. I checked your cloud account and the data from these radios is not available. Please contact support and they will take care of you.

TPC works by adjusting the Tx power of both chains on the opposite side of the link to ensure that they converge on a common average Rx value on the other side of the link. It may also reduce Tx power to improve EVM when SNR is high. In all of the cases we’ve seen, this improves modulation.


It sounds like an Ethernet/PoE issue that happened to coincide with the upgrade. There are many hundreds of links already on 1.4.1 that do not have the issue that you experienced. Please contact Support and they will take care of you.

Hi all,

On 1.3.1 I was able to reach about 425 Mbps of real TCP throughput (even though the B5c showed MAC Mbps of only 360 Mbps) on two 40 MHz channels. On 1.4.1 I only get about 330 Mbps which is more or less what the radio tells me to expect.
I played with the rate adaption controls but there’s not much to gain.
The strange thing is that all RF related values are the same as on 1.3.1, also the modulation (4x 150 Mbps).

I thought this might be of interest for you guys.


I get “This is a sample home page” when following the D/L link and gives a 404 error when using Google Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m on either one

Both URL’s work with Firefox. Maybe I’m just “Special” ? :wink:

Hi Ian,

This message may have been displayed during some server maintenance. All is well now from what we can tell. If you are still having trouble, please do a hard refresh in your browser, or try incognito/private browsing mode to determine if local caching is to blame.

Hi everybody. My personal experience in updating firmware version in a B5 link from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 is very positive. My link is not placed at ann easy deployment as is very close to an FM and for milliseconds a couple of pairs of 8 pin eth short circuits when it does… Saying this I see my link, not suddenly but many hours later bumps UP.
I take care in a strict way about the channels and power I use in a 7.4 KM link in a 2x40Mhz channel environment

  • Tx Power 1 (dBm) 8
  • Tx Power 2 (dBm) 10
    from -> MAC Tx/Rx (Mbps): 144 / 324
    to -> MAC Tx/Rx (Mbps): 340 / 460

It is quite always in this rate. From my point of view, not having touched nothing in configuration, the upgrade to new firmware version has given the right effect as MIMOSA has programmed.

Many Thanks.

Good morning guys, today I have 3 links the B5c, and I’ve been having trouble with packet loss around 20% after having moved to 1:41 version, with version 31.1 not had this problem, but the quality was in (780/780, 1300/780), with the 1:41 version improved the quality has to be fixed at (1300/1300, 1560/1560), but spent much overthrow the ethernet my rb1009, rb3011 and (mikrotik) and often stay at 100mb.
My link cable was cat5e with RJ45 AMP 5e, moved to furukawa 6a rj45 amp 6a, the problem continued bad ethernet network.
A link where I feeding AC with uninterruptible power supply, where the B5c binds to a rb1009 mikrotik had lost 20% of packets, put a tp-link TL-5G2412F swich between B5c and rb1009, then the packet loss disappeared getting in 0% sulucionei the problem.
Now the other two points of the link can only rely on DC power 48v or 24v where use rb3011 miktotik, these had loss of 1% to 4% of packages, so solved the problem when I downgrade the version of 1:41 to 1:31.
I wonder what would have solution to these problems, because I see clearly that it is a bug in version 1.41. Or that you guys me indicate which swich cost equal to TPLINK but to accept feeding DC 48volts and 24volts to replace mikrotik and solve my problem.

Best bet would be to send the device logs to so one of our engineers can have a look and respond

Lee, good afternoon
Where can I find the log to send the mimosa my station set in the cloud, it will be the support does not have access to it from the log and thus can help.
Regards Paul

Hi Paul,

Speaking to our support team, there are known Ethernet PHY-level interoperability issues with the smaller MikroTik routers with certain firmware versions. Other versions of their firmware seem to work. Inserting the switch between Mimosa PoE and Mikrotik is the workaround solution that we recommend.


Lee, good day
The problems I have faced the links, which are the same versions of mikrotik 6.35.4 in 3 links, and 2 sites works perfect, since other 2 site one had to downgrade the mimosa 1.31, and on the other so site placing a tp-link swich. So my conclusion is that B5c has manufacturing problems, it may not work either not in the same scenario.
Regards Paulo E Oxley

might try installing Netonix switches between the B5c’s and the Mikrotik routers !
The Netonix will power the B5c’s just fine, and has good “Flow Control”, and “Buffering” available on it.