New C5c US vs International version


I’m looking to buy a couple of C5c for backhaul and have noticed, where available, this units say US version. I’m not in the US. Are all the frequencies available (unlocked) on this US version or need to wait for the international version to be released?

Thanks in advanced for your time.

Hi Wilson,

The available frequencies and power available depend on the firmware installed and the unlock code:

If you reach out to our support team (through chat), we can help you with the details.

i want to active frequency 4700 in c5c, plz help me.

This Conversation has been dead for a while, I would do a new Topic if you have a question.

That said: the C5c spec sheet ( says 4.9-6.2 or 6.4 GHz, PTMP or PTP respectivly) so I think 4.7 is out of the range of the C5c

Thanks @William5 for your reply and you are absolutely correct. I’m locking this thread now.