New C5X Mac Address issue

The latest batch of C5x’s that we received that start with the Mac address 20:B5:C7 have a conflict with the operating system on our A5C. These units have a date of manufacture/ lot number of 202108

The previous sequence of Mac address that functioned correctly is 20:B5:C6

The A5C issue is that any Mac address not starting with 20:B5:C6 is rejected as third party hardware…or something like that…

Two symptoms are present.

They can connect to the A5C but the link fails every 3 to 4 minutes.
The other issue is their IP address , firmware version and brand does not display correctly in the clients listing on the A5C.

I have reported the issue to Mimosa Support and they are actively working on an operating system fix.

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What firmware are you running on your A5c radios? on A5C, three C5, six C5x

Hi guys,

We have a new firmware to address this ( Please message me directly and I’ll send it over to you.

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thanks Dustin. Got it through Jeff. We will install it on Monday.