New Design Tool Release - 2.0.1

Hi All,

We have released our Design Tool 2.0.1 Release, to address several issues found after the last major release. Thanks again for all your great feedback, and suggestions.

Key features and Updates

  • Flythrough improvements - now works in most versions of Safari and Firefox - Note: Google Chrome is not supported
  • Full Right Click Control in for general view, PTP planner, PTMP planner
  • Improved Search Box functionality
  • Automatically set device location on Enter, to the first search result when creating PTP and PTMP deployments.
  • Improved PTP Save Functionality
  • Automatically create a new site, if the user moves a device from an existing location.
  • Allows the user to create new groups from the save function
  • Various other minor improvements.

Upcoming Features

  • A5c Support - Added A5c support to the PTMP planner in the next major release.
  • Improved Asset Group Management - We will continue to enhance our asset grouping system.
  • C5 Planner - We will allow you to plan and model all your planned subscribers using C5’s and C5c’s

Scott Wierstra


Thanks for the update, Scott. Exciting to see the upcoming A5c/C5 support.


It looks like this is not working for us. I’ve tried both PC and Mac, Firefox and Safari. Even tried different networks. The initial flythrough screen loads up with the A to B buttons, but no map loads. It had worked fine until a couple of days ago.

Same here, worked like a charm but now just buttons and white on safari/firefox and ubuntu firefox. Just used the chat options to ask what is wrong and they said that fly through is not supported anymore. Does anyone know any alternative for that function (besides google 3d…)?

Hi All,

Unfortunately google has officially removed all support for the google earth browser plugin as of January 12th, 2017. We are currently looking at other options to see if we can at least replicate most of the functionality of the fly through feature, as we know this is very popular with our design tool users. We are as disappointed as our customer base that google has deprecated this feature as it was a very useful tool for designing wireless networks and the Google Earth plug was the best interface for delivering the fly through feature. If we find a suitable alternative, we will update the tool to re-enable this functionality.

For the more information about the API deprecation check:


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Hi Scott,
Thank you for the information! Hopefully you will find something as a replacement!