New firmware on the horizon?

When can we expect new firmware for B5/B5c and A5/C5 line? Last firmware update for B5 was like 1 1/2 years ago… (Jun 08 2018)

Atleast give us a heads up whats going on with firmware, improvements and fixes of what we can expect in the near future…


Word on the street is that there is a beta firmware for the 5 GHz PTP radios, but I have not seen it and don’t know what new features would be hitting.

If you have specific issues Mimosa is pretty good about listening to user requests, if you post them here I will try to make not of them and give you a mention when I see a possible fix for your issues.

Hi all,

We currently have 2.7.1 beta 1 firmware in closed beta right now. This is for B5, B5c, C5c, and C5x PTP ONLY. If you would like more details on this, and you would like to test it, please email me at

We also have 1.5.2 beta 2 for B11 and B5L

And lastly we have 2.5.3 beta 3 for A5, A5c, C5, C5c, and C5x PTMP.

PS. I also have some really cool stuff coming soon for the cloud as well.


Which product is B5L?



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Our indian ISP customers wating since long time for Data VLAN on P2P B5/B5C/C5c/C5x and IGMP for P2MP A5/A5c/A5x BS and C5c/C5x CPE

Do you have 2.5.3 beta 4 ? Will it be include symmetrical connection? You can email me the beta if you have it please! :grin:

2.5.3 beta 4 will be available in the next couple of weeks

Where can I follow to know when it is out ?

The best way is to check back here or to ask me directly.

Great! I will keep an eye on here. If not I will email you. Thanks Dustin!

can i get 2.5.3 beta 4 ?

@Avator, the recommendation to get into the Beta program is to directly message @DustinS with your Mimosa Cloud Email or email him directly (With your Mimosa Cloud Email.)

hello,plz how can i get the latest firmware of c5x ??

Please email me your cloud email address to

i sent my cloud email adress to u, waiting ur reply

hey?? I sent to u my cloud email adress ,plz I want the new firmware

Your email has been added.

ETA on out of beta software?

I am facing a problem with my new link (2.8.0 beta 2). The link disconnects seddenly and reconnect in 2 after 2 minutes eventhough there is no problems in the signal or the bandwidth which is over 390. I hope you will fix this problem up very soon.