New Firmware Ptp C5c

On April 18 new firmware for Ptp C5c was released, but it is not possible to see the release notes.

The page cannot be found.

Good catch, I had not notice that.

Seeing as it is a .1 increase from the previous firmware I would guess it’s a bug fix update.

@DustinS would know though.

Thanks @William5 , pending @DustinS reply could you attach the Ptp C5c 2.5.2 firmware release notes? I can’t find it. Thanks disables Turkey Licensed mode. Other than that, is the exact same as 2.5.2.

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@DustinS @William5 where can I find the 2.5.2 firmware release notes for Ptp C5c?

where can I find the 2.5.2 firmware for Ptp C5x?

You can find it in your Mimosa Cloud account under Manage >> Updates >> Download Firmware