New function request for network design


Im new to mimosa and i was trying to input all my towers and links into the platform so i could see their line of sights.

After placing 2 links for example i noticed one tower was in the wrong place so i moved it with click and drag and fine but noticed that the other link atached to the tower didnt move automatically (would be nice if it coould di that) and when i individidually tried to move the B side to the new towe location i noticed also they didnt join or “melt” together, instead a new tower instance was created and of course added a ficticitious tower site.

Request: When a tower is moved all ptp on that tower move along:
Request 2: When you drag a side of another link to Tower A then automatically merge them together.

Can this be considered a usefull feature for Mimosa?


Hi Jaime,

Thanks for the feedback, we are working on managing the two use cases you are suggesting above and they will be in a future release. People are building out large networks inside the design tool currently and managing these assets effectively is becoming even more important to all of our users. We are looking at also enhancing our asset grouping functionality to make it easier to segment your designed network assets easily and more robustly.