New Mimosa C5x cant login

I have a link of two mimosa C5x and they are configured with DHCP+Static, when the C5x is connected to the mikrotik it gives me the access IP by DCHP but when I try to place it in the browser it does not let me access, which is strange because I have two other links configured exactly the same that I can access.

Olá Jeiber.

estava com o mesmo problema que o seu, quando fui verificar o que estava acontecendo era que no address do Mikrotik estava sem IP configurado para a porta que estava o radio C5x.

Verifica essa configuração no mikrotik primeiro ok.

espero ter ajudado.

Connect to the same layer 2 network and try the IP
This is an IP that is always available for the C5x’s.

You may have to set your computer to be