New Mimosa C5x Update Issue

I have a problem with a mimosa C5x acquired today, I had to change the old Station because it stopped working and to make the link correctly with the AP and replace it with this C5x, When updating the equipment I lost access via ethernet through manual IP, I could not enter by DHCP and I did factory reset to try to access again and still without any success, the update to which I did was 2.10


Have you tried running the browser in Incognito/Private mode? This will bypass any cookies that may be in its cache and causing a problem. Another option is to try a different browser.

From your description, I’m not sure how you’re connecting to the unit. If you’re connecting via the Ethernet connection, is the unit in place where you expect to use it? If so, is it on a Trunk link? Is your computer connected to an Access port on the switch? If so, that Access port will need to be on the Native (non tagged) VLAN of the Trunk that goes to the C5x until the C5x is configured with a specific Management VLAN. Of course, the computer will need to have an address in the same subnet as the C5x, even if that’s not the addressing on the VLAN being used. A layer 2 switch doesn’t care what the IP address is. It will link the two via MAC address.

Is there DHCP on the network that the C5x is attached to? If so, it may have picked up an IP address from DHCP instead of using its default IP address. If this happened, do you have a way to determine what address it picked up? A LAN Scan tool will work or just look for the C5x’s MAC address in the DHCP server and see what IP address it was given. Again though, remember, that unless it has been programmed with a Management VLAN, it’s using the Native VLAN on the Trunk link (assuming you have it on a Trunk link).

Try connecting the computer to the data side of the PoE injector and the C5x to the Power+Data side of the injector. Set the PC’s NIC to an IP address in the subnet of the C5x’s default IP address (just not the C5x’s IP address) and see if you can connect to it. The computer’s NIC likely has Auto MDIX and so it will work without a switch. This simplifies what’s happening though. It also removes the possibility of DHCP unless your computer is running a DHCP server.