New mimosa user B5 lite and C5C

i am new user to mimosa products
i have two simple questions
first : the mimosa B5 lite Which is the maximum distance from point to point
about second question the C5C connectorized Is expected firmware With which to convert to access point mode?

thanks a lot

B5-Lite is perfect for PTP under 2,5 Km maximum. 2 Km is better.

C5c I know it’s designed even to PtMP mode, but I have not tried

I would also like to know how to put a C5c in Access Point mode ?

Thanks a lot for yours answer
i had use B5-Lite at distance near to 3Km and worked perfect. Behind B5-Lite i had 2 ip cameras with remote recording to my office and everything went perfect. Not very fast speed but with perfect stability. the speed it was near to 180Mbs.
About C5c i have not bought it but i will do it if i can put it to Ap mode because i have a lot antennas which I want to install
There is someone who has do install C5c ??

@Pierris The C5c is not designed to be an Access Point. It can operate as a PTP backhaul link operating all the way up to 6.4 GHZ with the 2.3.3 PTP code that will be available shortly. It can also operate as a client for the A5/A5c access point.

For distance calculations, you can use our Network Design Tool to see how far and what type of Mbps speed you can expect. It’s free and you can try it here:

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@David thank you for your answer
C5c with 2.3.3 will be something like mikrotik Level 3 wireless devices ?? Mikrotik level 3 devices can connect to each other only PtP mode (bridge station bridge)

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