New Product Mimosa Management Platform (MMP) Version 1.0.1

This is just my summary of the notes and what I think is important. You can read the notes in their entirety here: (Also, I have been somewhat involved with the Beta Program for this and I may mention things that are not necessarily in the below stuff. If there is a discrepancy between what I say and what Mimosa says then I differ to Mimosa and the mistake is entirely my own.

Annoyed by Mimosa holding all your data? Have a server that is just sitting around and has 4 Core CPU (Minimum), 16 GB of RAM and 200 GB (Minimum) of hard-drive space that isn’t mining some sort of Crypto Currency? Don’t want to be like me and setup NetXMS to do all your monitoring for you? Well, now you have a solution to those problems.

Mimosa has announced a standalone network management system for it’s equipment Mimosa Management Platform (MMP). You run their software on your server and can setup your Mimosa equipment running firmware later than 1.5.5 for B11, 2.5.4 for B24, A5c + clients, 2.8.1 for B5/B5c and C5c/C5x PTP along with A5x + clients.

The current Mimosa Cloud Management will be being cut back to just basic monitoring in the near future. FYI.I do not know what the timeline for that is, but I wouldn’t expect more then 24 hours of monitoring to exist beyond the end of this year.

The feature list is pretty extensive, especially when you account for the Licensing features:

  • Most everything you can do on the cloud you can do in MMP, counting licenses.
  • Multi-Server setups are available.
  • Device Backup/Restore along of Buld Device Config
  • User Administration
  • APIs galore
    TBH, you will probably want to check out the announcement yourself to get a full idea of what can be done in your network with MMP.

Pricing for Licenses: (Note, these are entirely scuttlebutt, I have not been officially told any numbers by anyone officially at Mimosa. So please don’t get excited/angry/expect anything…)
Free - Free, Basically everything you could do on the Mimosa Cloud except scheduling bulk updates.
Basic (A) - $999, Most features a small to medium WISP would be looking for, like scheduling updates and device backups.
Pro (B) - $3999, Advanced Dashboards, Comparison between devices and some Cool APIs, also LDAP Support… Lots of cool ways to look at your data.
Extended - $4999, Way more Devices (50K)
Multi-Server - $4999, Multi Server Clustering. (Only one per Server Cluster) Supports up to 100k Devices

There’s more I would like to write, but I am getting busy and just don’t have time. Have fun and good luck!