New products not seen in 2+ years

i was browsing yesterday on the fccdb and something that catched my eye - last Mimosa regulation authority (in USA) certification was from 2018. Let us know, are you closing business, are you moving to another brand (website). All i know is there was a merge. Any news?
Interesting is that your wireless hardware works good, and no one from your company is continuing the work.

Hi, not correct, we’ve been certifying products like the C5x and A5x, for example FCC ID 2ABZJ-100-00107 Is the A5x, etc. And many new products coming soon :wink:

This site says otherwise:

Well why don’t you try the actual FCC, not the fake site with click bait:

Lookup 2ABZJ there as it’s the official database.


US Govt websites use the TLD .gov. They do NOT use .io

Hey, i just asked a question. I didnt want to make an expression. I made and example for future’s come.