New sealed C5 came with beta image

I think this C5 slipped through the cracks as is came with 2.0.0 - beta - 177 and now it will not let me update the image to 2.5.1 as it keeps saying “invalid image”. This was a sealed box and I had to unlock it. Has anyone ran into this yet? I bought 3 units and the first one was ok and this is the second one I have tried so I guess I shouls check the 3rd unit also.

Ok I have 2 units with this beta image and now im out of C5s with a install pending for Saturday guess I can use a C5c until I can get more.

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Upgrade the unit to 2.0.0 first, then you can upgrade to latest.

From release notes;
C5/C5c/C5x can be upgraded to 2.5.0 from 2.0.0-FCS or newer releases. Out of box C5s may have 2.0.0-beta loaded which must then be upgraded to 2.0.0-FCS before upgrading to 2.5.x.


@morris Thank you for the info, guess I should have dug for the info myself just thought it was odd to have beta software on a new unit.