Newbie Needs Help

Recognizing a huge need for better internet options in our area, I retired as a financial planner in October 2016, and started our WISP. I’d been researching the technology for about two years, and decided to utilize 100% Mimosa products in back-haul and client radios. The idea of GPS synced equipment was intriguing.

I’m thankful to some people who have bee in this business for a long time who have helped me understand the basics, but I haven’t found anyone with deep understanding of Mimosa yet. I’m hoping someone in this forum might be willing to help me better understand all the possibilities of Mimosa’s industry changing equipment.

Right now I just can’t figure out why my speeds are so slow. I spent most of the day yesterday working with David from Mimosa support (those guys are awesome), who helped me switch our 4 A5c radios and about a hundred C5s to GPS mode.

Can anyone help me understand (in simple English) why we could have -67db signal, but only see 1Mbps or less speeds?

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Hi Rodney,

You might post the details from your Client List and Channel & Power page. Those contain all of the RF details that will help the community to better understand your environment and comment on any recommended changes.

Thanks Chris. I’ll send something