NMS Feature Request: Ability to change radio parameters from cloud

When can we expect features like:

  • Configuration Management
  • Device Parameter changes like frequency etc, just like in Ubnt UNMS.
  • Better time range selection for graphs.
  • Help popups for different parameters explanations like hovering over Tx PER shows what it means.
  • Device configuration templates.
  • Default map selection like satellite or terrain.
  • Device provisioning with the cloud.
  • Hover over the link in the dashboard map to get different stats like tx/rx speeds, rssi, etc.

Your hardware is so good, you must focus on efficient management of devices. Help me folks to add more features.

A lot of the features you are requesting are available through Mimosa Management Platform (MMP)


Provisioning can also be done auto-magically with option-67 support since 2.5.3 (at least), and you can auto unlock a C5# device if you have it setup on your A5 radio. That said I am not much of a master of option-67 and I am not using the auto unlock feature either, so YMMV.