No ethernet link between C5x and A5-14

I’ve got a small repeater site for a personal network using two C5x’s as a PTP. I’m trying to plug a C5x directly into an A5-14 just connecting the two LAN ports of the POEs. The link won’t come up with neither a straight through or crossover cable. Both devices are set to auto-neg, although I tried all speeds/duplexes. C5x has 2.12.0 and A5-14 has firmware. Should this work or do I need to have a switch between the two devices?

edit to add: The A5-14 powers up fine and I can connect another C5x PTMP CPE to it, just no ethernet link between the two POE injectors.

How are the devices getting an IP address? If they can’t get one via the radio link, then you’ll need to statically set the IP address on both devices first. Also, they’ll both need to be in the same subnet.

Theoretically, this should work, but I don’t know if it’s been tried before. the PoE side of each device’s power supply will need to go to the device with the LAN ports, as you’ve mentioned, connected together. This would link the 2 devices, but they’d each also need a companion radio device for each to link to. I assume they have Auto-MDIX, but if they don’t, then a cross-over cable, as you’ve mentioned, would be needed. Just as a test, you may want to put a switch between them first and if that works, then remove the switch and try the direct connect. If it doesn’t work with the switch in between them, then I would suspect that one of the PoE injectors isn’t passing data (i.e., bad injector).

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Thanks for the reply. We found that the patch cable between the two POEs was bad straight from the manufacturer. Once we swapped that out, the C5x had a 1000/Full link to the A5-14. I wanted to keep the build simple, so was relieved that we didn’t need a switch between the two devices.

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