No GPS on a B5 (multiple links)

Seems to be a common problem with a number of these devices we have deployed. Doesn’t matter where on the tower they are located. They are next to radios that have no GPS issues in some cases.

This particular one is showing no GPS. Another (A5C) on the same pole is showing issues. That one says “bad” for GPS.

The B5 is on and the A5C is on 2.5.3.

Anyone have a clue?

We have several B5c with the same issue in different locations. Some with only 1 or 2 other radios at the same location and the others have good GPS.

We had this same issue with our B5’s – in the same set one was working fine, and the other was not.

I was poised to replace the one that was not functioning properly, but just before that I updated to the latest firmware, and lo and behold – it started working again, and has been for several months now.

I am unaware of anything GPS related that was part of this “fix”, but clearly that latest version had something to do with it.

I recommend installing “” and seeing if there is any difference of this hasn’t already been done.

updating firmware is much easier on down-time than having to replace a whole radio setup.

Same issue here. Running B5 link and the remote side has not had GPS in months. Updated firmware in hope of a fix and nothing. Anyone found anything out about why this is happening?

لI have a problem with the B11 a few days ago because of the message no gprs note I have several other devices some of them work despite the appearance of the message and some of them do not unfortunately it will cost us a huge loss in customers if we can not handle it from science I tried several attempts to reset and change the place and most of them did not succeed