Noise on C5 possibly caused by B5 in path?

Our A5-14/C5 deployment is going well, but we ran into an issue yesterday. The clients are located in a U shaped development as shown below with a B5 as backhaul. As you can see the one C5 is almost perfectly in the path of the B5, and that is the radio we are having the issues with. It will intermittently see very strong noise across the whole band.

This screenshot of the C5’s analyzer is after we moved the C5 down from the roof to the side of the house which improved the issue quite a bit. The energy at 5840MHz is the B5 which is transmitting pretty much into the face of this C5 from 300-400ft away. The C5’s on the houses to the North and South of this one do not display this issue at all. We have swapped out the C5 in case it was an issue with the CPE.

So, do you feel this is most likely caused by the B5, or do we keep looking for other interference sources in and around this home?

Thank you!

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