Noise or Rain b5c

Hello I have a link of mimosa b5c radios with 34dbi ubiquiti chainrings. Working in 6ghz frequency due to noise problems. The link signal is normally -65. Suddenly the signal goes to -70 and the link capacity drops. Does the noise in mimosa make me lose 5dbm? or it is cloudiness or rain that causes it to go down that way. It is not always, sometimes it does. The station receives on a hill that receives a lot of rain. Is the point rain or noise? Thank you. Attached capture of station on the hill.

Could be rain fade, if it corresponds and you know you have weather sealed connectors I would assume the problem to be rain fade.

The other issue could be Thermal Inversion, hot air and cold air meeting and making a mirage that diverts your signal around. I have quite a bit of issues with it on my longer distance 5 GHz links.

Could even be the radios auto power kicking in, if there isn’t much data going across the link the radios will back off their TX power to make less noise.

Also could be a bad mount, antennas moving in the wind and such. Always good to double check this…