Not sure if happy with Mimosa or not


I have been using the Mimosa gear for about 8 months now and no doubt it is kind of cool with lots of potential. I am also using some UBNT gear as backhaul and really just focusing on the A5 product line from Mimosa.

I have been playing with the idea of switching out my UBNT gear with Mimosa B5s but at the end of the day feel like the UBNT is a more complete platform.

Now as I was about to upgrade to some AF5XHD gear of course Mimosa releases their 24GHz product - and at an interesting price point so I am required to look at it. Maybe a lucky save for Mimosa, maybe not?

My problem is I just don’t see the features and development on the Mimosa side to really be happy. The A5/C5/G2 platform is half complete at best. MANY MANY basic features just are not there and instead of finishing the product they go ahead and start a new one which I am sure without seeing it is going to be lacking something basic when I get my hands on the first release.

I really want to support Mimosa but their lack of product features and software release strategy leave a lot to be desired to put it simply.

I have been in the service provider world for many years and I don’t get the feeling Mimosa has a clue how their products are used in the real world. (sorry.)

A bit of advice Mimosa, you don’t tell your customers what features and functions they need - They tell you and you quickly act when basic things all your competitors have are missing or your customers switch over to the competition.

Either way I will play with the idea of switching to UBNT or staying with Mimosa until the end of the month when the Mimosa 24GHz finally comes out and I have to make the decision.

The reality is if this backhaul upgrade goes AF24 or AF5XHD my A5s will all soon be replaced as well so this is sort of a last attempt to gain some confidence in the overall Mimosa offering.

Thank you.

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I missed the B24 release so the begging of your post was a huge highlight for me, we have been looking at the AF24 and the IgniteNet 60 GHz offerings for short distance PTP links. This comes in at a very competitive price point and I am sure we will try them out.

That all said, I agree with you about the features, there are quite a few things that people have been asking for and have not come to fruition in the A and C lines. Mimosa has produced some nice improvements especially in their installer app. (Props Guys) But largely we are not seeing promised updates (like non-symmetrical framing for Upload and Download for example)

On the other hand, with the feature set that the A and C lines provide, they out-perform other systems that we have used and are using by large margins and with few issues. As far as total bandwidth to our customers Mimosa is the only hardware that will allow us to meet the 10/1 FCC regs. Period. (Ubiquiti Rocket 5AC Prism has been a huge disappointment)

Hello Derek,

We appreciate your efforts working with our equipment and would like to better understand the features that you would like to see us implement.

Please also keep us posted on your experience with the B24

I am one of the first hour users of Mimosa in Spain and I must say that there is always something to wish for. Also that Mimosa made product announcements that are only followed up by the real think months, so not a year later. But the bottom line at the moment is the A5-C5-G2 platform so far is the only one that can deliver me up to 250Mbps connectivity to customers on a 40+ tower usage in a heavy congested spectrum.

We also have 2 AF5X links and one B3c link and both have their own typicalities but both work as expected although the Mimosa needed a bit more fine adjusting. But that could also be because of the real life link characteristics.
Price wise a AF5x link is some 20-30% cheaper at the moment. But that is because ubnt dropped their prices where Mimosa seems to be more reluctant. Only a year ago Mimosa was winner in price.