OID for SNMP!Help!

Please tell me to oid monitor the signal on c5x?

Here is the reference table:

Which should help you out a bit. I am using this OID for monitoring the Total RX power if that’s what you are looking for:

There are several other OIDs related to the signal, including SNR, RX Noise, RX power, MCS, RX & TX MCS as well as RX EVM all of which are for each individual chain on the radio.

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This is the full list that I have monitored through NetXMS:

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Thanks a lot, it works. Do you have this indicator oid?

It should be the one I posted above. That’s “Total RX Power”, I just checked one of my C5x radios that I have in PTP mode like yours and it looks correct.

Note: The reported number is an integer that is 10x the actual value. So in your situation the reported number will be -510 instead of a floating point number of -51.0 keep that in mind if you are setting up thresholds or other monitoring settings or if you would like to present the data.

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