One of the 2 chains begins to lose power in a staggered manner


I have a c5c P2P link.

last night the problem started, one of the 2 chains begins to lose power in a staggered manner.

When the link power was manually raised or lowered, the SNR returned to normal values, and in a period of 4 or 5 minutes the chain went down so much that it ended up disconnecting

SNR= 25, 24, 23 up to 9 or 10 and the link was disconnected.

I have that link working for 3 years without any problem.

does anyone know what may be happening?

attached cloud captures

Thanks in advice!

First off you link looks a bit goofy, I would recommend checking the alignment of your radios and try to balance out the chains a bit better, I always try to have 0 dB chain difference, but that’s not always doable so I accept 2 dB difference.

Secondly, I would check to see if something might have been blocking your link, almost looks like signal patters I see when someone builds a stack of hay in-front of one of my antennas.

I had the same problem with one of my B5lite links after updating to newer firmware. After reverting to older firmware, problem disappeared.