Only getting Fast Ethernet

Hi all,

I have a pair of B5 up and running in P2P mode, one as AP the other as station.
Everything works well except that I only get fast ethernet on the station LAN interface.
On the AP, I’m getting gigabits ethernet speed as expected.
I checked the cabling, and port setting on the switch where the ethernet is connected. Nothing’s suspicious.
To my surprise, the AP ethernet speed in on gigabits which is correct one.

If I try to set the ethernet speed manually on the station’s console, the established link will be down.
This happens also when I try to configure the switch port to gigabits speed.

The distance between both is around 500 meters and I’m getting throughput of around 600 Mbps.
And of course, the fact that I’m only getting 100 Mbps on the ethernet speed of the station device is making those throughput useless.

I’m using firmware 1.4.6 on both devices.

Any clues on this?

How are you powering your Antenna? PoE injectors is where we have been bitten by this problem before.

i also have this problem how can i solve it?

Hi William5,

Using the bundled PoE injector.
Considering your suggestion, I will try to switch over ( or use for testing ) the PoE injector on the other device that can run on gigabits ethernet.
Will get back asap with result.

Hi Filippo,

Not yet, I will try to find a schedule to use another PoE injector as William5 suggested.

Having the same issue with my P2P connection using B5
Access Point have 1000mb full duplex, while Station only have 100mb Full Duplex
how can I resolve this issue? do we have proof that this is because of the POE Injector?



There is only one solution!
‘‘netonix 48VH’’

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I would recommend against Netonix 48VH. 48V normal should be fine, though I will admit to not having a B5 in front of me to check.

I am pretty sure Mimosa equipment does not use all four pairs. Only two pairs. Using all four pairs could cause damage to the equipment… We have several Mimosa Sites that we power off of 48V just fine…