Other options for grounding B5-Lites?

So we installed a B5-lite link and are hoping to install more. I’ve got some questions on grounding options. First, let me say that we’re primarily interested in grounding for ESD. Lightening strikes are fairly rare in our area. The compact form factor of the Lites make them candidates for links where we wouldn’t/couldn’t deploy other units either because of size or cost. The B5-Lite has a grounding screw, but running a separate ground wire is simply not practical in a number of locations where we would want to deploy them. So is the ethernet jack on the radio attached to ground so that ESD could drain down shielded cable with a drain wire? If so, what could be used to ground the cable since the POE injectors aren’t grounded? Any other options/suggestions?


p.s. I’m going to post a couple of other thoughts/suggestions based on our brief experience with the B5-Lites.

Hi Dan,

I posted a similar question for the B5.

After discussing the options, we ground at both the top and bottom of the tower using a separate ground wire and rod bonded to the main building ground whenever required. If your tower is R56 compliant, you can just attach the ground using the tower structure. I have also seen shielded connectors with a ground screw that uses the ground for ESD. If not or unsure, run a new ground to the bottom… or take a risk.

For ESD, I just ordered some of these. Pole mountable and POE passes through using shielded connectors.


Thanks for the pointer on the surge suppressor; this might work for some of our potential locations. We would be installing Lites on buildings (e.g. small businesses) and not on towers, so running an additional ground wire to the radio isn’t practical in many installations. Other radios drain ESD through the shielded Ethernet jack down the drain wire, and I was hoping there might be a similar solution. Thanks for your response!


We are looking into creating Network Interface Device (NID). The design goal is to have a protective ground connection, a service connection point to allow you to access the B5-Lite/C5 from the exterior of the building, a slick industrial design befitting of a Mimosa deployment, and a reasonable price. Not ETA yet as we still sorting out the details. But I’ll keep you posted.
Message me if you are interested in more information.