Output power of b24

The antenna gain of b24 is 33dbi and we need to know the maximum output power to calculate the EIRP.

Is there any plan for b24 with higher antenna gain?

The maximum output power of the B24 is dependent on the local regulations for where you unlocked the device.

EIRP is already calculated for you on the spec sheet: https://mimosa.co/products/specs/b24

Dear William
I already saw the EIRPs on the datasheet.
According to that the output power of the B24 could reach at most 4 dbm {37(EIRP for other regions)- 33(antenna gain)}.
I need to know that is b24 output amplifier capable to give higher output power if we get the regional permission to exceed EIRP to for example 42 dB?
Or does mimosa have any plans to make b24 with more powerful antennas?

Hi all,

The B24 max power is 37dBi. There are no plans for a connectorized version or a more powerful version.