Package lost problem


I just deployed a 3.3 km PTP link using C5x radios with 25 dbi antennas, but when we try to set the radio to 40MHz channels, the radios start dropping packets, so we are forced to use 20 MHZ.
We even set different country codes in order to use full TX power (27 dBm) and different frecuencies but the problem continues. We have very low background noise and very good reception.
This C5x link it was meant to replace a ePMP 3K link in order to release 5 GHz spectrum, but the ePMP link was working fine even with 80 MHz channels.

Your chains are imbalanced, which can come from several different things.

  1. The radios are not properly aligned.

  2. There is something obstructing the Fresnel Zone (put your link into and you will see an estimation for your Fresnel Zone size and what could be obstructing it.

  3. There could be an issue with one of the radios and it’s chains not transmitting/recieving properly. I doubt this, but it’s a possibility.

Lastly, there might be noise on your channel. When you are using a 20 MHz wide channel then you have the SNR to deal with it, but when you go to a 40 MHz wide channel not only will you have more frequencies that can be effected, but you have less signal strength to solve the issue as well. This is probably more likely then #3.