Packet Error Rates via SNMP

Hi everyone,

how can I monitor the up- and download packet error rates (PER) via SNMP?

I tried IF-MIB::ifInErrors.2 and IF-MIB::ifOutErrors.2 (where iif2 is wifi). But they are constant and do not represent the PERs I get when looking direct on device or cloud.

Does anyone know the right OIDs?

Thanks in advance!


For the C5 you can monitor UL PER.

I use OID and then divide the result by 100 to get percentage.

To get the download PER rates I think you will need to go to the A5, but I am not sure that you can get those numbers separated for each client.

maybe @DustinS can give some pointers.

Unfortunately SNMP OIDs are not my forte. :frowning: You would be better off coming to support chat and visiting with our support guys. I’m sure they could answer this pretty quickly for you!

Thanks very much!

This ID seems to work.

Does anyone know why I didn’t find it when I called snmpwalk? The Mimosa-MIBS are loaded and when I call the above OID with snmpget it is translated to MIMOSA-NETWORKS-BASE-MIB::mimosaWireless.7.3.0.

I’d like to see all available OIDs by calling snmpwalk…