Parts for B5c Radio

I need the cover for a B5c radio…

@Chris @Ryan Is it possable to get this?

Wouldn’t it be cheaper/faster to just buy some marine epoxy and epoxy it back, it’ll end up being stronger than it was, may not look as purty but saves time, seals the break, and reinforces it.

It looks like the both the case and gasket seal are compromised. These are IP67 sealed units that are leak tested as part of the manufacturing process, and their integrity is what gives us the confidence in the warranty. I would worry about the longevity of this unit with dust, bugs, moisture, and recommend replacement instead of trying to repair it if this link is critical. We do not stock or spare just the case.

We work on Motorola IP67 units all the time. A proper repair is dependent on the manufacture selling the repair parts it witch case you do not! Looks like it’s marine epoxy for this unit!!

I would not expect a warranty from a field repaired unit!

Other than B5c cases, what other types of spares would you like to see be made available? PoE’s are currently available as spares from our distributors. Cable glands are next.