Password Problems

Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone is having issues with the passwords on their mimosa gear?

we have several backhaul links with mimosa b5-lite and B5C and I am constantly getting locked out… Luckily they are cloud-connected so support has been able to reset the passwords to the default buy I have been using password software and everything… it’s like the passwords just expire or something…

is there something I am missing? is anyone else seeing this at all?

Never heard of this but I am interested in where this conversation goes.

Yeah it is increadibly frustrating and I have never had any issue like this… After resetting the password I was able to get connected for a full day and then boom I am locked out again. I know the password is correct.

Is there anyone else who knows the password? Could they be messing with you? Could you have been hacked? Have you tried a different password to see if that would stay without being changed?

Sounds to me like your password is now known and someone is changing them. That said, if the password software is any good those should be rather strong and not easily guessed. Is there any way someone else could get access to the passwords?

Could be a browser cookie issue. Have you tried incognito mode or a different browser?

Check your machine for malware too - if they have a keyboard logger…

Anything else getting compromised from the stuff you touch with same device as your programming your radio with?

Maybe set some stupid simple password - keep it offline for a few days but powered on and see if the same thing happens?

Update the firmware? Try another browser ? Try another computer other than the one that “set” the password - before the issue and after?
Never really heard of this being an issue either, so something else going on to change / re-set pass.

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