Pathloss 5 Radio files

Are there any Pathloss 5 radio files yet? It is SUPER tedious to make them myself.
Pathloss isn’t setup for these radios to compute throughput but the RF parameters would be nice.

Yes, using a generic or other radio as a baseline is doable but it would be nice to not have to cobble something together.

Something to consider for network operators that use different radios and would like to use one tool for mapping and RF parameters.

And I do understand that Pl5 isn’t ready for MIMO OFDM operation.


As I have stated in other posts about Pathloss, Mimosa support would be the ones who might have this kind of information. No one has ever posted their own files that they made, though if you did I would be more then happy to share them when others come around looking for Pathloss files.