Photo of B5-Lite Burned out Ethernet Port

Not sure if it was a lightening strike or just water got into it. It was our first B5-lite link. It did not have the protective boot. I am not sure if we forgot to put one on, or it did not come with one. Our other B5-lite link has the boot on both ends. So use this as a reminder to check :slight_smile:

Looking good.

It seems it has been the water (look the rust), that caused a short circuit between the RJ-45 cable’s power pin.

But looking carefully I think it has been a mixture of factors. It seems was happen a small explosion.

Have you used RJ-45 shielded cable or not ?

I do not know if that was shielded cable. Next time someone is at the location we will find out.

Would that have made a difference if water caused the issue?


No of course, but if a strike caused that, it is interesting to know if
cable was unshielded or not.

I prepend for a mixture of causes.

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Looks water to me.
A lightning strike that would induct a high current would have created a shortcut or burned connecter for a split second only, creating black soot and the platics burned or melted.
Since here we see more brown residues (not necesarily rust) I think you’ve had water ingress for a while creating a shortcut running for a while until the power supply couldn’t bear no more or the antenna just didn’t work no more since the power dropped due the short cut.

If’ve seen this kind of damage several times on other manufacturers devices over the years. Typical picture for water ingress induced shortcut

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