Ping and C5x issue

Hi guys,

My first topic cause I don’t understanf what append.

Simple LAN :

Server ( → Switch → C5x → C5x → switch → PC(

I have 5 other bridges with PtP C5x on this LAN and all works fine. Only the 6th has this problem.

From the C5x, I can ping server but not from the PC …
How is that possible ? Any idea ?

Thanks a lot.

Unfortunately, there are several things that could keep the PC from being able to ping the server.

My first guess would be that you have a duplicate IP address. You say the server is on and the picture of the C5x page shows its IP address is The description you gave of how these devices are connected indicates that the C5x and Server are two different devices.

Can you pass other traffic across the link, just not ping the C5x? By chance, is the subnet mask typed incorrectly on either the PC or C5x? Do the two C5x units show that they are connecting to each other?

For greater clarity lets mark up your network diagram a little bit more for clarity

Server (
Switch 1
C5x 1
C5x 2
Switch 2
PC (

Few questions:
Which C5x are you pinging from?

Are the switches managed? If so, can you ping the server from switch 2?

Thank you for your answers
The problem is solved.
I found an error in the configuration of a switch1. (Port in the wrong VLAN)

Everything is working well now.