Ping times around 55ms

I have been running PING Plotter for several days in a row.
What I have noticed is that the A5-14 will have great ping times 1-2ms for a few hours, then the ping times start moving from 5-2000ms (Avg 55ms) for a few hours then back to normal again. Packet loss of 0.5%.
When the Ping times are good I can do 88Mbit down, but when PING times are moving all around the max I can pull is 35Mbit. TIme of day does not seem to be a factor, happens in the middle of the night. Thought it might be a client causing issues. We are on a 40Mhz channel all UBNT radios and I have seen a couple of radios move to 20Mhz and back to 40Mhz a few times.

The channel is clean, from what we can figure. What else should I be looking at to find the issue?

Matt Carpenter
Amarillo Wireless

I am having that exact issue, did you find a solution?

What’s your network design? How many users? Distances? SNRs?

What firmware are you running on the AP and clients?

I have seen this issue too.

Any word on this issue? I have seen this on one of my A5’s as well.

We found one source of periodic high latency that will be resolved in 2.0.3 firmware. We’re expecting it to become available in beta within the next several days. I’ll notify here once it has finished the required SQA cycle.

Thanks for the update Chris. Looking forward to seeing whats in the new firmware release!