Please assist - Two client Cisco networks on C5 to an A5 as a relay AP

Hello all,

Appreciate any help in troubleshooting connectivity between two switched networks on C5 client radios connected through a solar powered A5 between the two. The A5 has no network connected on its wired port, just POE to the injector. Each C5 is connected to a trunk port on a Cisco switch. Management is on VLAN 2, IP address of the gear is X.X.2.6 (C5), X.X.2.7 (C5) and X.X.2.8 (A5) all with mask.

From a PC on VLAN 2 I can connect from each side to the A5 and the distant C5 (via the A5), but never to the network beyond the distant C5. I have tried VLAN pass through and no VLAN pass through. I have moved everything that this remote office needs to connect to onto VLAN 2 also so am thinking i will try the C5 on each end on a VLAN 2 access port and see how that goes, but i do not get many opportunities to make changes as this site is very remote.

The arrows indicate a working connection (ping), it is the same from both ends…meaning you can ping all the way through to the remote C5, but not past it.

Hope picture worked!


Hi Matthew,

In WiFi Interop mode, client isolation can be turned off on the A5 SSID page. It is on by default. You’ll want to turn VLAN passthrough on for sure.

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This is the greatest news i have heard today!!
I was actually thinking of changing to SRS i think it is, i really see no need at all for Wi-Fi interop. If changed across all units, will it also fix the issue in your mind?
Thanks so much for your help.

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@Matthew8 Client Isolation cannot be turned off in SRS in the current version of firmware, but we will enable a trunk mode in the next version to accomplish this. I would recommend staying with WiFi Interop until then since you have control over clients isolation in that protocol.

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