Please explain Gender Traffic Split A5x to me

I don’t yet quite understand gender traffic split on the A5x. Say I have two radios on the same tower, does GTS only apply to radios on the same frequency at the same tower? If so, say the first radio is A 50/50 should the second radio also be A 50/50 or should it be A 67/33?

Thanks in advance!

Hey man, I totally get your confusion.

Every Mimosa radio capable of GPS Sync that can hear another Mimosa Radio should be running the same traffic split. So multiple radios on the same tower, or nearby each other should all be running A 50/50 or B 66/33.

The exception to this rule is if you have a PTP between two towers. In that case you will want to run the first tower as A and the other tower as B. That way, the PTP radios on each end of the link can be synchronized with the rest of the radios on that tower. (I would also recommend using 50/50 in this case. Though it probably wouldn’t be the end of the world if you did 66/33)

Think of SRS mode as a scheduler for when things can talk. By keeping all the radios that are nearby each other talking at the same time and listening to their clients at the same time you mitigate the issues that occur when one radio is talking while other radios are trying to listen.

If you have other questions, feel free to ask, there is also a pretty great documentation page here that might be more helpful then I am:

@Tommy3 Ok I think i’m starting to understand can you help me understand what would be the correct configuration in this scenario?

Can the A5x radios on any of the towers “hear” each other?

The C5c radios in PTP mode will not support GPS synchronization. So channel reuse will be difficult unless you use antennas with great isolation. (RF Elements horns or the like, AKA expensive)

If the A5x radios on any two of the towers can “hear”, as in you can see the signal on the spectrum graph when the radio is running in WiFi Interop mode, then you will want to run them all as either ‘A’ or ‘B’ and use the same Split Ratio on both towers. (the other tower can be run as whatever) If all three towers can “hear” each other, then you will want to run them on either ‘A’ or ‘B’ and the ratio as a set. (Note, in your example there’s a lot of flexibility because of your use of C5c radios. You are going to get self interferance from the C5c radios no matter what you do, so your only goal is to minimize the noise from the Access Points between towers.)

If you decide to replace any of the C5c radios with a B5# (B5, B5c or B5x) then you will want to change one of the towers to be the opposite of the other tower if it was in a Pair or Set. For example, let’s say that Tower A and B A5x radios can hear each other, but Tower C is really far away and can’t hear the A5x radios on either of the other towers. In that case you can do whatever you want with the A5x radio on Tower C. The A5x Radios on tower A and B though you would want to run in SRS ‘A’ OR ‘B’ and have the same ratio as well. Now you add in a B5x PTP link between tower’s A and B, well then you would want to have tower ‘A’ running SRS ‘A’ in 50/50 and tower ‘B’ running SRS ‘B’ in 50/50 as well. (Note, there may be a qualification to this, but I am asking some other people if it’s true before I mention it)