Please help C5x with A6

Hello, a few days ago I asked if someone had been able to use the c5x with the A6, no one answered so we assume we are all in the same situation, I have the A6 updated with 3.2.0 beta 4, I put it in 802.11ac mode then I updated C5X With version 3.2.0 beta 4, I changed it to WIFI Interop and manual power. But it doesn’t work near or far from the AP, we don’t know if something else is missing please @DustinS the investment that many of us made here is great and the least we deserve is an answer that clarifies the situation. There is some C5X that you have already connected to the A6. How they did it ?

This one of the reasons we have been waiting to purchase an A6 - would like to see some real world uses and issues / and how they get solved.

The A6 is “supposed” to work with C5’s and “other brands” in wifi interop mode. Right?

One thing I can say is to make sure that your settings are the same that they were before you switched to interop mode, as at least on the A5c’s they seem to be a separate set of settings once you reboot.

I was downloading some firmware - and I read something that may solve your issue.

Make sure that your C5x is in Wifi Interop Mode - maybe not “auto”:

Read More here: Access Point Firmware Release Notes: A6

" C5x as a client

  • C5x can associate with A6 as a client. Please note that the following configuration needs to be applied on C5x: - Tx Power Auto Mode as “Manual” and appropriate Tx Power - Wireless Protocol as “WiFi Interop”"

Good luck and let us know if that works.

Hello, I attached photos of the C5X configuration. The TX power is the same on both sides 19dBm. The only change that was made to the AP (A6) was that it was changed to 802.11ac. And both sides have the same firmware version. If you can tell me if there is something wrong in the configuration, Thanks