Please introduce yourself

Let us know who you are and why you’re here in the Mimosa Community!


I’m Jaime Fink, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Mimosa. We started the company because we saw the huge gap between Internet connectivity demand globally, and the costs involved of trying to rewire the world with Fiber. The economics just don’t make sense. To put it simply, our wireless technology can deliver a fiber like experience at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike the wired network alternatives, wireless technology becomes more complex as it scales and grows. That’s where Mimosa comes in - we’ve built game changing radio technologies and the necessary cloud intelligence to allow wireless networks to achieve new levels of scale, spectrum reuse, and significantly simplified design, coordination and resiliency.


My name is Caleb Eastman,

I am the CTO of LevelOps Energy.

I am here because I am a big believer in both Mimosa’s current backhaul line, and also their vision for the products they have in their pipeline.

We are looking forward to continue to expand our usage of Mimosa products.


Welcome Caleb! You win the first introduction award! Great to have you here and thanks for working with us on the products.

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Mike Hammett of ICS and Midwest-IX. I’m here to just hang out and have a good time. :wink:

Oh, and I do some stuff with wireless and the Internetz.


My name is Faisal Imtiaz, I am the ‘head geek’ at Snappy Internet & Telecom. I wear a few different hats, my primary responsibility is to make sure our network is running well and kept in shape. Being a service provider operating in a major metro areas we leverage all different kinds of technologies to deliver the best possible service both in quality and cost to our customers.
Being a small shop, operating a decent sized network, we take pride in being able to deliver customized solutions for our customer at price points which are very competitive to the national mass market providers.

I have been working with the Mimosa team since the B5 beta, and have a tremendous respect and admiration for all of the good smart folks at Mimosa. I am excited to see this company grow and improve it’s products in leaps and bounds…

I wish that I could buy some stock in them :smile:

Looking forward to interacting with the Mimosa Team and other Network Ops here so that we can continue to challenge the Mimosa Folks to break new barriers…


My name is Alan Rothenstreich and head of business development for PTS. PTS is a public communications provider installing municipal WiFi systems for public use. We have been working with Mimosa on a unique application to provide high speed backhaul to ferries. We have been working with Mimosa since the B5 beta and am excited with the development so far and plans for the future.

They have worked hard to make sure the product meets our needs. And it is not easy to hit a moving target on the water. The B5/B5c has out performed all of the competition and comes in at a lower price point.

We look forward to using Mimosa on other projects.


My name is Kent Urwiller, owner of Prairie Hills Wireless LLC a WISP located in central Nebraska. My wife and I started our company in 2013 from the ground up and we have grown very quickly. We have been using Mimosa B5 series for our primary backhauls since Feb 2015. They have greatly increased our bandwidth capacity as well as opening up available spectrum with the use of working GPS. I look forward to what the future holds for Mimosa and can’t wait to be a part of it.


I see a few more joined last night @Adair @Stefan @Megawire @Josh @Tristan @Dennis welcome onboard! One great thing about being early is getting great usernames!


I’m Josh Corson. I’m the handyman ‘operations manager’ of BlueBit Networks, out of south central Missouri.
We deployed our network right from the start with Mimosa B5c products in March of this year and cannot say a bad thing about them. It’s impressive. Simple. Straightforward.

Looking to learn more, engage, and get my hands on new products. Hint - @Jaime I will pay for shipping :smile:


Chuck Hogg here…President/Owner of Shelby Broadband and President of WISPA. Hello everyone!


Hi everyone! I’m Elle Wood and I am on the marketing team here at Mimosa. I’m here to share stories, pictures, videos, and more about how people are using our products. If you have something fun to share (which I’m sure you all do!) ping me! :slight_smile: :blush:


Hello everyone. I’m Rory Conaway, as many of you do also, I wear many hats with Triad Wireless from CEO to van washer. I also author an article series called “Tales from the Towers” that is hosted on We have 6 of the Mimosa links up so far and as the PTMP equipment comes out, plan on larger scale deployments. Our model is to not only go after urban areas with poor internet options, but to directly compete with cable, VDSL, and fiber providers, which Mimosa will allow us to do. We currently have about 400 clients in areas directly covered by Comcast and CenturyLink which is about 20% of the market of the total households and that area is now fed by a 5-hop backhaul PTP to PTP design of B5 radios.


Hi Alan! High speed backhaul to ferries? That is pretty awesome! Would you mind sharing some pictures of our products in action? :blush:

I will as soon as everything is officially announced. Then I will provide you pictures of the radios on the boat and a beautiful array of B5’s on the terminals.


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Looking forward to it!!

Hi, I’m Kyle Ackerman, founder of Xtratyme Technologies checking in to say “hi”. I have to say that Mimosa has been a pleasant surprise to me. I was introduced to them last October out in California and I’ve been intrigued since. I’ve been in the unlicensed wireless business since 1999 and I have to say that I’ve loved the evolution of our technology. I remember sitting in a large room of people that said, “fixed unlicensed wireless broadband will never be reliable enough to use as a viable service offering”. Every day is a challenge and solving the problems we encounter can be both challenging and frustrating. The dynamics we encounter each day make it a challenge to follow a roadmap.

As Jaime mentioned, our wireless industry is a viable alternate to the wired and fiber worlds. I am very excited to be part of this community and the wireless industry as a whole. Our technology is evolving and it is staying ahead (so far) of the customer’s demands. Jaime, Jay, and their Mimosa team have demonstrated a passion and this kind of energy is catching. Let’s capitalize on this by adding more energy to the equation!

I am very impressed with Mimosa and their “fresh” and innovative approach. I am especially excited to experience the great customer service that has been evident with Mimosa so far. Great customer service coupled with excellent engineering skills equates to a possible world-changing company. While I am still getting to know everyone, my first experiences have been like seeing a book on the shelf and not wanting to put it down until the end is reached. I can’t wait to visit your team this fall to see all of you in person!

I wish your company the best of luck as you move forward with new and exciting products and services. I’m very happy to provide you with feedback as we use your equipment and can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming product launches and corporate roadmap.

Your product is working well for us and we are already building out a very large backbone in our network and we hope to continue to work closely with you to be a small part of your research and development. I also look forward to getting to know everyone else in this community. With our continued feedback, we can help Mimosa to become one of the best wireless equipment partners in the world!

Thanks a bunch for the invitation to this community and I look forward to actively participating. Have a great day everyone!!!


Hi, My name is Luis Valle, i’m from Argentina and i’m the network administrator of Eternet S.R.L. a local ISP with a mixed PON/FIBER/Wireless network in a 400km radius.

We bought our first Mimosa set just a month ago and we are doing some tests with them in a 42km link, the 99% percent of our links are build on mikrotik and we were interested in trying something new.

So far the B5c link teach us a lot about the enviroment that we had (noise, rx levels, etc) with a very accurate information. Now we are working with this link trying to fix all the problems with all this new information.

We had an excellent first contact with the Mimosa support center in some doubts that we had, the chat support system is awesome.

Very happy to join the community and hoping we can exchange information and learn from each other


PD: Sorry for my english it need a little practice.


Welcome, Luis! Looking forward to hearing more about how your links progress in Argentina! Would love to see some pictures if you have any! :wink: