POE Options for legacy C5 radios

Does anyone know of another POE adapter that will work with the C5 radios? I can’t find the Mimosa PoE Wall-Plugs anywhere, and I get the feeling this is going to be an EOL product as well as the C5. The problem is, the only POE adapter mimosa has tha will work with these is the expensive 56V Passive POE and they won’t work with the 24v POE’s that work with the C5x. If anyone knows of a after market POE that will work please let me know as I have over 10 C5’s but no power adapters.


You said C5, no letter after that. The spec sheet for the C5 states
System Power Method: Passive PoE
PoE Power Supply, Passive POE compliant, 48-56 V Power over Ethernet supply (Sold Separately)

There are several 3rd party adapters that will meet those specs. You will find a lot on Amazon.com. Ubiquiti used to use 24v PoE and some of their newer stuff uses 48v, so a Ubiquiti injector may work for you. In fact, you will find several here: UniFi / Accessories – Ubiquiti Inc.

We use Laird POE-48v for all installs.