POE Pins datasheet


We are using mimosa C5c radios to communicate between our factory and head office.

The towers that we use to mount radios on are located on mountaintops where high-voltage thunders happen frequently; therefore, we need to protect our equipment.

The C5c POE adapter does not have any earthing points and I decided to use an industrial switch that has an earthing system, and my choice is “Planet IGS4215” with standard 802.3af POE ports. The C5c has passive POE (pins 1&2 return, pins 3&6 56V) which is different from 802.3af. What I need is the C5c POE port data sheet to adapt it with my switch standards. Could you please send me its datasheet?

For most intents and purposes, you can’t adapt passive to 802.3af without an adaptor with some brains (802.3af has a handshake protocol and some other stuff that requires some brains).

Now, Ubiquiti makes an 802.3af to 48v passive PoE adapter, and I have used Ubiquiti Power Supplies to power my C5c and C5x equipment before. So it might work for your needs. I have never done this before and can’t say it will work so attempt at your own risk. There may be other 802.3af to Passive adapters.

We had a discussion about the C5c’s pinout a while back there may be something helpful for you there as well. C5c PoE Pinout for Break out cable

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Thank for your reply.
Today simply I have used cross cable and it’s working properly for a few hours.

Unfortunately after about 7 hours, I decided to unplug and plug cable to test it again and this is not work.
I had tested it again and again, finally randomly sometimes it’s work and sometimes did not work!!!???

The C5c is not compatible with 802.3 af or at. Sometimes it’ll power up and sometimes it won’t.

Almost any pinout combination will work for the C5c, but it has to be forced on. I’m not sure if the Planet switches can have their PoE forced on or not.

You Can use NID for earthing points

Thanks for all.
As Christopher1 mentioned, any combination of pinout works for C5c.
But I can’t find any settings forcing PoE on in Planet switch.
Finally I’ve used a Mikrotik PoE injector and MeanWell switching power supply and its earthing as solution.