PoE Switch for A6, B5x

Has anyone found a PoE switch or adapter for a PoE switch that will convert 802.3af/at to passive 48V PoE called for by Mimosa?

So far found one
Product online but it doesn’t meet the amperage requirements

What you’ve shown is the only adapter I’ve seen. Most switches are either 802.3a? or 24v passive. The only other thing I could think of would be a network attached power distribution unit. Ubiquiti just released one, but other vendors have had them for years. It will allow you to turn off/on the power to any individual outlet to reboot the device.

Use mikrotik powerbox pro as a switch… then buy 48v power supply…

This would work for the B5x but not the A6.

B5x shows 20W maximum. A6 shows 40W.

from MT site on powerbox pro:

Max out per port output (input 30-57 V) 450 mA - this would be 21.6W as the max output each port.

Netonix switches will work.

I looked at the spec sheet for these switches. They show high power 48v as either 1.5A or 2A, depending on the switch. 48v at 1.5A is 72W, 48v at 2A is 96W. For the high power, it sends power out all 4 pairs. For the low power 48v (pins 4,5,7,8), it only sends 0.75A, which would be 36W.

So, these appear to have sufficient power output as long as the pin-out matches the requirement.

@Wayne2 Hey Guys - so bad news - the Netonix switches will not work to power an A6 to spec. Really upset that straight DC power is the only option out there right now. Especially with the units price point…

The High power output option, for one is only available on one port, and also, uses all 4 pairs of pins as mentioned by @Wayne2 which the A6 is not designed for and will damage the board…

So sounds like we are either running techs out for manual reboots of our A6’s until this can be resolved. That is a deal killer!

Well, apparently the larger models output 1Amp as opposed to 0.75 Amp which I received, so hope is restored! Trying them out!