Point to multipoint range and throughput

I have point to point link mimosa c5x 25db distance 17.5Km signal also good.

Now I need to change the AP configuration point to multipoint because in 13.5 Km distance i need install another client in the same line of site is it possible ?

The C5x can be operated in PTP or PTMP mode. However, while 2 C5x units can create a PTP link, the C5x can not be used as a PTMP access point, only as a PTMP station. You’ll need to use something, such as the A5 models or A6, as the PTMP access point. If you decide to go with the newer A6, read the forum carefully about it. Most of its firmware is still in beta. Also, make sure the A6 firmware will now support the C5x. It didn’t when the A6 was first released.

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