Point to Multipoint

I am looking to connect two sites but there is no line of sight because of high buildings in between.
I would like to ask or find out.What would I need to setup this up or make it work?

I would like to start from A where I am based and get to C where the remote site is. I want to link A to C but struggling to see both sites. Is there any solution where I could use one more device in the middle of both devices to make this work? Could you please advise as what kit/Products I should be looking to purchase? Would it be able to carry VLANs over the link?


I’m assuming that you already have something setup, can you share a little more about your topology? What is the relay point that you’re trying to use? Tower or office building?

From a design perspective, if you want to have two endpoints, you should have point to point links, using something like the b5’s, daisy chained together. Unless you need multipoint capability, you’ll get better throughout by using PtP links.

The b5’s support trunking with a management vlan, can connect directly to each other, you just need to power them, and there are a couple ways to do that. I’m currently using b5-lites to do exactly what you’re talking about, carrying vlans (in trunking mode}.

Hi Richard,

I have got no setup at all. We are in the process of buying a new building and looking at different scenarios to setup points from my location to remote site. I am not sure which kit could resolve this design? as One of the kit would have to rely on solar panel or something.


To start suggesting kits to look into, we first need more specifics. We know you want to get from A to C, but we don’t know how far apart A and C are. What blocks the view from A to C can also make a difference. What kind of relay points do you have available to you?
Yes, solar powering a relay is an option. Tycon Power makes kits for this purpose that include panels, batteries, chargers, and a box for all the stuff that’s not supposed to get wet. But you can’t really begin to pick a solar kit until you know how much power your radios are going to need.