Polarity A5c N360

Hi all:
Can someone tell me how the polarity of the A5c connects with the N360? I connect it as it comes in the numbering, 1-1, 2-2.3-3.4-4. Or is it connected in another way?
We believe that we have connected badly. 1-2,2-1,3-4,4-3, since the C5, the TX, gives more value than the RX …

Thank you

It shouldn’t matter. The A5c automatically figures the chains out and should just play nice. (Heck, it doesn’t even know what kind of antenna it is connecting to, you only program in the dB)

That said. Would you mind posting a couple pictures of the C5’s Main screen and the Clients >> PHY Stats page of your A5c?

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Hi all,

You should wire the N5-360 up to match the A5c exactly. Port 1 to Port 1, Port 2 to Port 2, etc.

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^^ I retract my previous statements and differ to the Mimosa guy… (my thoughts are my own though and I will be double checking this the next time I get the chance, and remember…)

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Hello @Francisco8,
We have seen with many brands of radio linking systems that it is just as important to also match the polarity of the antennas at both ends (where you are using a separate antenna from the RF module of electronics). If you are having an issue, two things to check:

  • on just one end of the link, swap the antenna cables so instead of going A1–>C1 and A2–>C2 you are going A1–>C2 and A2–>C1 (A=Antenna, C=Connector on RF module)
  • Rotation of the antenna antenna (gradually rotate clock wise and then anti-clock wise to see if the performance improves)

With systems that have fixed antennas, the same can be done by instead of swapping the antenna cables, rotate the whole mount 90 degrees and then fine tune the rotation.

We realise not all antenna mounts support fine tuning the rotation, so this can sometimes be a bit challenging.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: