Poor performance and GPS error

Have a B5c link with -73 dBm received signal strength on both ends. Was working fine until today. Now we have PHY 14 Mbps/MAC 6 Mbps on the Dashboard. SNR is only 9dB. Using 5540 Mhz which is a recommended frequency.

GPS shows 12 satellites and avg SNR of 31dB

The Station unit has an error that says “Alert: GPS not detected. Radio performance may be impacted”. The Access Point unit does not have the error.

How can there be a GPS error with such good GPS signals?

The GPS problem appears to effect the performance of the link.

Any thoughts?


Probably not the GPS, unless you have a lot of other Mimosa stuff that is also GPS synced.

I would try changing the channel. Also, -73 is really weak, are there obstructions in the link? or is it a really long distance link?

For good MCS (which means good throughput) you should have an SRN above 27 dB. Try to get that and report back.